Oklahoma City Man Charged with Child Abuse

An Oklahoma City family's lives changed drastically last month, when the father was arrested for seriously injuring his baby boy. Quentarius Collins is charged with abuse of his three-month-old son Preston, and the boy's mother is now struggling to help her son recover. Baby Preston was just two months old when he was sent to the hospital with a fractured skull and ribs, and bleeding near his brain. He is slowly on the mend, but his mother still does not know how this actually happened. Collins was watching his infant son while his girlfriend of four years, Ebony Bullard, was at work on April 25, just two days fresh from maternity leave. She says when she got home, their baby looked dead. “His father told me that he took him a bath, and he hit his head on the bathroom door,” Bullard recalls. She took Preston to the hospital, where doctors told her Collins's story did not add up. She says, “Since he had blood in his eyes, and still does in the back, they tol…

From Oklahoma Criminal Defense - Jury Recommendation: 130 Years for Collinsville Couple Charged with Horrific Abuse

A Collinsville couple convicted of abusing twin baby girls are facing the possibility of 130 years in prison. Aislyn Miller, 24, and Kevin Fowler, 25, were convicted Friday of five counts of child neglect in a case Owasso police and medical staff called "the worst case of child abuse" they have ever seen.  Miller and Fowler were charged after their 9-month-old twin daughters were taken to the hospital. The girls were severely malnourished and emaciated, each weighing only about 8 pounds--the weight of a newborn. The girls had severe diaper rash, and one had a hair wrapped around her finger, which led to an infection. The other girl had feces in her ear, and when doctors examined her, a maggot crawled out of her genitals. Police testified that the family's home was filthy, with cat feces smeared on the wall and maggots in the babies' playpen. Two other children, aged one and three, also lived in the home. All four children were taken into protective custody after the…